stress release Learn simple, easy, yet powerfully effective techniques that reduce the output of stress hormones in your body. This helps negate the harmful effects of stress, and provides the foundation for a calmer, more peaceful way of being. You will learn how to get immediate stress relief from unexpected events and circumstances, as well as be able to manage ongoing stress. Once you have these tools you can use them for the rest of your life! Sessions are available for individuals or can be taught to groups in your church, school, office, or other facility.
Chronic stress has reached epidemic proportions in our society. It suppresses the immune system, inhibits the reproductive system, creates digestive and cardiovascular problems, causes increased tension and pain in the muscles and fascia, and is the underlying cause of anxiety, depression, burnout, and insomnia. While none of us can avoid having stress in our life, we can learn tools and techniques to manage our stress. These techniques have been scientifically proven to reduce the harmful effects of stress and bring more balance and peace of mind.

In a Stress Release session I begin by helping you identify the stressors in your life to help you gain clarity and perspective. I then teach you techniques that help calm the nervous system, improve concentration, and reenergize the body. These techniques combine various forms of breath work, gentle stretching, body scan, mindful awareness, meditation techniques, and several quick, fast, and easy tools that I am highly trained in which immediately relax you and bring relief from a stressful situation. These tools, once learned can be used anywhere, anytime, for the rest of your life! Many people who have experienced Stress Release sessions report:
  • Feeling calmer and more relaxed
  • stress release
  • Greater clarity
  • Better ability to concentrate
  • Feeling more at peace within themselves
  • A greater sense of well being
  • Improved physical conditions
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer sick days at work
  • A calmer mind
  • Better sleep
  • Improved relationships

After having studied and trained for many years in Mind/Body relaxation techniques, I am happy to be able to serve the residents of Ormond Beach and the surrounding areas by teaching these proven methods that help alleviate stress and its negative effects. Call or text me for a consultation to see how a Stress Release session might benefit you or your group!

Because my clientele is currently at maximum capacity, I am unable accept new clients at this time.

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555 W. Granada Blvd. Suite E-10
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(386) 214-9110
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555 W. Granada Blvd. Suite E-10
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174

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